Monaco in Germany

1 April 2014

Der deutscher Monaco is the nickname of the Norisring . Located in the center of the city of Nuremberg , the circuit is different. It is composed of only four turns, two pins in the first and second baffle . The lap times are around 52 seconds. Suffice to say that the differences in lap times were tight this weekend as 20 drivers qualified with 1 second apart .
Free practice I directly felt comfortable and I won the eighth time in 4/10ths of the best. In contrast to the qualification I have not managed to find the gap for me to have a clear round (35 cars on 2.5 km is huge) . I am still qualified for the supercluster with the 12th time and the 14th for race 2 .
I had a great start for race 1 and three laps I got back in 9th place , 2nd rookies and 1st line of sight . Then halfway I lost the rhythm, my tires have deteriorated as a result of battles in the bunch. I defended myself , but I lost 3 places unfortunately. I still pulled off a podium rookie !
In race 2 I was able to overtake and avoid the pitfalls of accidents initially until 11th. Then I fought for 9th place again , but could not find an opening without taking suicidal risks. So 11th arrival.
I discovered for the first time the races in town this weekend. The sensations are very different from normal circuits must graze the walls , which are well feel the bumps and spectators are really close !
I got back in the general classification and grading rookie after these two races. But not enough for my taste and I intend to get an overall podium as soon as possible .

Next meeting on 17 & 18 August at Nurburgring F1 .