Silverstone Blancpain Endurance Series + 6h of Motorland

30 May 2015

Hello everyone,

Some news to tell you about my weekend Blancpain Endurance Series on the McLaren GT3 650s and announce that I am currently at Motorland Aragon for the 6 hours of Motorland Aragon where I find one mor time the Palmyr team. We qualified 3rd and the race takes place at 13:30 this afternoon. You can watch it LIVE HERE!
As for the Silverstone race last weekend, we had to retire due to a mechanical problem (clutch) while I was in the car to leave the pits for my stint. Miguel Ramos, Nicolas Armindo and the team had done a great job playing with a great strategy to recover from  the 43rd place (out of 61) to the 13th. A top-ten was possible, too bad.

I return to the paddock to prepare for this afternoon!