2016 program!

27 February 2016

Dear friends,

After a few months away from the circuit paddocks, I am pleased to announce my 2016 program!

I will fight for the European championship of modern endurance driving the Norma of Equipe Palmyr. You may remember the Palmyr team I’ve raced for in a few races. Furthermore, icing on the cake, I will team along with David Zollinger (FRA) and Philippe Mondolot (FRA). The first who accompanied me throughout my career as a coach since 2010, the second being my teammate on these proto endurance races, the crew is well united and ready to reclaim the title of European champion that they already got four times.

The first step will be on 19th and 20th of March in Barcelona for a 6h race. We previously, in the same league with the same car and the same drivers won this race.

You can follow the races on the official website of the organizer: http://www.vdev.fr/